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Harsh Puranam
Social Manager
B.Tech (Civil Engineering)
Graphic Design
UI, UX & Product Design

I’m Harsh Puranam, a senior graphic designer based in Hyderabad – India. Designing isn’t just another job for me! It’s my love & soul, and that reflects at our workplace too. If you want to mix amazingness with quality and quantified output, you are at the right place! Yes, I work with clients as if they are my next big Brand launch, I don’t back down on designs, I don’t compromise on quality, I don’t think anything more than making your brand NUMBER 1 in your industry. That’s how I design the BEST quality works from my doorstep. It’s not just me who claims these words, all our previous 300+ associations (clients, employers) have proudly appreciated my designs to fullest I’m a civil engineer by degree, User Experience expert by passion, Graphic is my soul, Design is in my BLOOD group (haha! But that’s how passionate I think about myself as.) Direction, acting, movies are other creative fields for which I have my hobbies slaying. Fun-loving, happy going, continuous learning, charming and charisma are my traits.

I’m not just about making something look good though – usability is at the core of the work I produce. I’m also meticulous about my project process, and each design project I undertake follows the same steps to ensure success. Design isn’t just a job, it’s something I love to do. I never went to an Art School, instead, I studied civil engineering and graduated in the year 2017. After finishing college, I was sure of one thing – I didn’t want to have anything to do with Civil Engineering, ever!! It was in the Bhongir, Nalgonda winters of 2013 that I discovered graphic design and started playing with Photoshop and Illustrator. Fast-forward 2019, over six years in the creative industry and I’m pretty confident of anything that starts with the word G (of Graphic) – Graphic design, Print media, and Logo design. My clients and employers have contributed to making me feel cocksure about my work. When I’m not designing, I love to hang out with my family, watching movies, playing video games or messing around on something inspired by Pete Lau.

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